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TMJ Therapy – Crown Point, IN

Say Goodbye to Chronic Jaw Pain

TMJ/TMD Therapy

TMJ disorder (also known as TMD) occurs when the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) that control jaw movement and their related facial muscles become strained or dysfunctional. This harmful condition can manifest as severe facial discomfort, difficulty with chewing, constant migraines, and more – but thankfully, it doesn’t have to be permanent. At Ornelas Family Dentistry, our team offers dedicated TMJ screenings and personalized options for TMJ therapy in Crown Point, IN that can restore much-needed balance to each patient’s oral structures. Please contact us today in Crown Point if you’re in need of a consultation.

Why Choose Ornelas Family Dentistry for TMJ Therapy?

Diagnosis & Treatment

Digital x-rays of skull and jawbone used in diagnosis and T M J therapy planning

TMJ disorder can manifest from several different sources over time – the presence of bruxism (teeth grinding), a severe facial injury, a misaligned bite, and even the onset of arthritis, to name a few. While no two cases are exactly alike, there are some common symptoms that patients should be aware of:

Equilibration/Occlusal Adjustments

Smile model and equilibration machinery

If your specific case of TMJ disorder can be traced to a misaligned bite, occlusal adjustment (also sometimes called equilibration) may be the right treatment plan. Dr. Ornelas will carefully review your teeth and resting bite, determining the specific locations where pressure is unevenly spread or excessively concentrated. By adjusting the surfaces, he can reintroduce harmony to your overall smile and help reduce long-term strain.

Occlusal Splints

Clear tmj splint

Another common solution to TMJ-related pain is the addition of a custom-made occlusal splint. This appliance helps to reposition the jaw’s default position and also prevent chronic teeth grinding, which can worsen the effects of TMJ disorder over time. Many patients even discover that after using their splint consistently per Dr. Ornela’s instructions, their symptoms are permanently improved!

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