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Can You Reline Dentures on Your Own?

May 17, 2023

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A hand holding a removable denture

If you wear dentures, you likely know they need regular upkeep. These restorations, after all, aren’t foolproof; they’ll work poorly without proper care. That said, you shouldn’t reline dentures yourself. This action is risky and might ruin the prosthetic teeth. Instead, you ought to see a local dentist for denture relining. If you want to learn more about the matter, it’s easy enough to explain. Here’s a summary of denture relining, the risks of trying it yourself, and why to leave it to a qualified dentist.

What’s Denture Relining?

Over time, a denture may not fit as well as before. When that happens, one way to correct the problem is by relining the restoration.

Simply put, denture relining is when you add new material to the appliance’s inside surface. Doing so alters the denture’s base to improve its fit. Depending on your needs, varying reline materials can be used for different purposes. As such, relining tends to be a flexible denture repair option.

You Shouldn’t Reline Dentures Yourself

Technically, you could try denture relining yourself. DIY kits and instructional videos aren’t hard to find. However, it’s neither recommended nor advisable. Relining dentures on your own will almost certainly cause long-term problems.

For one thing, you could well ruin your dentures. Placing the proper material inside them, you see, is tricky. Adding too little leaves the reline incomplete, while too much won’t let a denture position correctly. Once the reline material sets, furthermore, you can’t remove it and start over.

Adding insult to injury, DIY relining can cause pain. It lacks the tools to smooth and polish a denture to a high shine. As a result, it may produce restorations with sharp edges that cut into your mouth.

See a Dentist for Denture Relining

Luckily enough, you can count on dentists for denture relining. They have the knowledge, equipment, and experience to perform this service properly.

A dentist carries out a vetted series of steps for denture relines. First, they’ll assess the dentures to confirm their condition. Based on what’s found, the dentist can then suggest a soft or hard reline. (The former option is done in-office, whereas the latter involves lab work.) After doing one or the other, they’ll then return your dentures and see if the fit improves.

As you can see, it’s not a good move to reline dentures yourself. So, book a visit with your local dental provider for adjustments to your own.

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